The Bells of Hallgrímskirkja and What Adaptation May Really Be About

Hallgrímskirkja. My son sees it every day and says that, up close, it looks like a sticker against the sky. I agree.
I had a dream, or maybe it could be called vision. I like to take short meditation 'naps' to recharge. Sometimes I feel a deep need to lay down and close my eyes right now, and if I can, I do. After years of doing this, they usually end up being almost exactly 15 minutes long. I think that might have to do with the fact that I've lived within a stone's throw of Hallgrímskirkja for almost 17 years now, and worked right next door to it for 6 years, and it chimes on the quarter from 9am to 9pm, every day. So maybe I've synched with it, and know exactly...

On an Island, How Much Space Can a Person Take Up, and Who Decides?

A secret peek at back houses on Njálsgata

This is one of those lost photos recently recovered from an external hard drive. I posted it on fb the other day and it seemed to really resonate with folk, more so than the very obviously dramatic sunset photo below. Sunsets are so...obvious! 

This kind of scene though, seems to tap into that part of us that likes secret things, the hidden and the quaint. It's about the snow berries and the colors and the corrugated iron, but mostly about the central space, framed by the boughs, that seems to beckon us in. 

I remembered having seen a file named "On Space" on that same found hard drive,

Sometimes it's Like Someone Painted the Sky Just for You

Looking south on a January evening

A Puppy is a Lot More Work Than We Ever Understood...


*Sigh* This is our Baldur, who's actually no longer our Baldur, but has gone to live with another family : (

I thought it best because we were just in over our heads with the puppy experience. I have to admit I didn't realize how much time and focus a puppy needs, especially this one who was separated from his mother too early, and needed a lot of training and attention. He was with us for a month, and I finally had a meeting with my son, and we agreed that Baldur was wearing us out, me as the main provider/cleaner-upper/disciplinarian (a 24/7 job) and Óðinn with not being able to

Seasons Greetings!

Capturing a Christmas tree bauble close-up

...and Happy other Solstice-Season Holidays for all you visitors around the globe!

 P.s. After everything we did get ourselves a dog (see previous post). A little puppy. His name is Baldur.We're so stoked! Pics to come!