Columna de Vapor

GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER: Miguel Holgado I got this great email from Miguel Holgado on Tuesday and I thought I'd share it. He sent me some photos and I ended up liking this one of our famous Geysir best. He wrote:

Hi Maria,

On saturday i was at Nasa waiting for the Gusgus concert, and a nice girl gave me a sticker about this site. Tonight searching in my pockets i found the sticker and i was curious to see the web. Great web in fact.

That girl was u ? Well thanks any way. I fell in love with Iceland in my first visit to your country. That's why i would like to see whats going on there often.

I also like grats u about the style of the site and then content. Wish my fotos were so good as yours so u could put any on your site. I thing i have a few about the airwaves concerts, let me know if u are interested.

Keep on the good work and keep this spaniard up to date about Iceland !!

Bests Regards


I say, Cheers, my friend!

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