Christmas Kids

Girls from Valentína's internationally-represented second-grade class at the school Christmas party. Björk Alexandra, far left, speaks Russian with her mother who was raised in Latvia, Íris Björk speaks Tagalog with her mother who is Philipina and Valentína speaks English (sometimes) with her mother, yours truly. I don't know the third girl from the left, so we can make up exotic stories about her if we want.

p.s. have you heard about the Bobby Fischer issue, and that Iceland is offering him a resident's visa and that the US is none too happy about it?

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digdug said...

as an american unhappy with our fascist government, i say VIVA BOBBY FISCHER! VIVA ICELAND! we americans take ourselves too seriously. geez...a chess master? don't we have something more important to do? like tying our shoes our something?