Emiliana Torrini

Our beautiful Icelandic singer/songwriter Emiliana Torrini has been nominated for a Best Dance Song Grammy award for her song "Slow," which she wrote and produced, and which is performed by performed by Kylie Minogue (be sure to have the volume on when you click on Kylie's site...a sample of "Slow" is in rotation).

Emiliana's beautiful lyrics and exqusite voice made me fall in love with her music since first hearing "To Be Free" from Love in the Time of Science in 2000. Go here and click on the mp3 samples to hear small gems of her works. She has, in my mind, a certain sweet way of building her music that evokes ever-evolving universalities in love and lonliness. I picture myself on a windy hilltop surging with compassion and with joy, and with loss. Her accent in English when singing is very like that of our other 2004 Grammy-nominee, Björk and they are both incredible songwriters, but each has her own unique way of presenting truths through music.

Emiliana is a genuinely nice person and fully deserves this honor. Congratulatiuons, Ms Torrini!


Anonymous said...

wow Emiliana is icelandic ? lol i thought she was italian by her name :) I also love the way she sings but i knew her for her vocals on "Theivery Corporation" Album named the the Richest man in Babylon also a must ! Check it out!

I will check Emiliana solo work :)

Cheers and good work Maria!
Miguel Castillo Holgado

Maria Alva said...

Hi again, Miguel. We're both right...Emiliana is half Icelandic and half Italian.
Good to hear from you! -M

digdug said...

love that icelandic accent! thanks for the blog tips. got hooked up w/ blog explosion (you get the referral!) and actually had 2 people look at my blog! nifty! please keep up the great blog! i look forward to your posts every day. it makes me feel like i am in reykjavik everytime i read it. by the way, when will the grapevine post it's december issue online? i'm dying to read it! thank you!

Maria Alva said...

good stuff isn't it?

gald to be of service re: blog stuff. no harm done in a little more exposure, right? about grapevine, they're slackin a bit, aren't they? I wrote four articles for this last issue, but i don't have any more insider info than you. :-( once again, thanks for the encouragement!

Sanners said...

Having been a bit of a fan for the last couple of years I was very excited to find out that she was touring England. Last week I managed to catch her gig in Bristol and boy was it fantastic! Her voice is to die for!! I took a few pictures and video clips while I was there, they've been uploaded and are on my site.