Snæfellsness=Snow Mountain Peninsula
Snæfellsjökull=Snow Mountain Glacier

Since we're deep in winter, I thought it would be nice to show some photos from the other side of the year, that dimly remembered season called summer that rumor has it will show its face again in about six months' time.

Here's my little country girl sipping from a glacial stream on Snæfellsness, just under the that magic Snæfellsjökull, through which friend of Iceland Jules Verne lead his characters in their Journey to the Center of the Earth (<-- click on this link and you can read the novel online!) Unlike Verne's cast, we chose to stay on the coastal flatlands at Arnarstapi, drinking from streams, walking winding paths between lava sculptures and peering far out over the roiling Atlantic in hopes of laying sights on Greenland, or at least a lumpy whale or two.

Did we see any of the majestic beasts out there in the briny deep? Sure, sure, though to less creative and adventuresome eyes what we saw might have been the jutting edge of a big off-shore rock, foaming with whitecaps, and only seeming to surface and plunge like a great sea beast. Ultimately, it's all in the perspective, isn't it?


HEL said...

uhhh glacier water is not very clean is it..hmm

Cy said...

Thank you for the translation in advance. ::smiles::

L said...

cute photo!

Maria Alva said...

Hel's right about the glacial does look a bit murky in the photo, doesn't it? All sorts of windblown debris lands on the glacial surface, then gets compressed into the ice until thousands of years later when hits the bottom layer of the frozen beast and melts out toward the nearest sea. At least what Vala's drinking has historical value, if not caloric as well.