Hvalur = Whale

This is Iceland's decomissioned whaling fleet, four ships in all. They were retired in the mid-eighties and sit as relics of another, more ignorant era.

But Iceland's involved in this "scientific" whaling business, isn't ?

Yes, it is. Other ships are used. Read this very responsibly-written piece on the history of whaling in Icelandic waters to get a better idea of what the bigger picture is. Make sure you click on the "more info" link at the end of the page.

This is a very volatile and complex issue for the nation, and one not to be easily resolved.


digdug said...

as we all know, every country in the world does things that are often deemed unethical or immoral. even the paradise called Iceland suffers from this malady. i have to give y'all your props, though. you continue to discuss the subject of whaling. if it were america, most of us would just whine real loud, but do nothing. we have become a country of "my voice no longer counts" mentality. us. the "land of democracy and freedom". i am encouraged that your people can still look at complex problems such as whaling, and being respectful of opposing views. your country has a long way to go before you can come to a solution about whaling, but (at least) you are on the road to doing so. i, personally, am against whaling. i see whales and dolphins as the most intelligent and self-aware creatures of the sea. i also see the lifeblood of iceland could be jeapordized if it were stopped. a problem indeed.

Maria Alva said...

Astute comment, as always, digdug. Thanks for the input...this is truly a clash between old and new worlds...