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Old Style

Classic Icelandic architecture...timber with corrugated iron. I love the washed and softly-mottled look of the light blue house; reminds me of a favorite and ancient pair of 501's.


Lynda said...

I love this photo... and am right there with you understanding what you mean about the 501's - I look forward to see what comes next!

Pedro said...

Hi Maria! Loved your photos but they made me feel even colder!
Here in Lisbon,Portugal snow is a rarity!~How have you cope being from sunny California?
See you :-)

Chantay Smithingell said...

Icelandic homes are certainly very unique, and they are very different from those found in Greece. Oh yes! They do have opposite climates. Hehe! This house seems warm. I can sure curl up in front of the fireplace and enjoy its warmth.