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My father called yesterday to let me know that an old Navy buddy of his had recently gotten in contact with him. This man (forgive, I've forgetten what Dad said his name was) was able to find him after over forty years by Googling his name. By entering 'Thor Roff' he found a link to Iceland Eyes that gave him the information he needed to find Daddy-O. That's nice!

Also, yesterday, I received an e-mail from a journalist for a British finance publication who found a link to this site while researching Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson, an Icelandic multi-millionaire mentioned in one of my posts. He asked for an unofficial confirmation of some info he'd found, which I was able to loosely supply.

So this blog isn't just a leisurely hobby anymore, but has become the reference tool, fountain of worthwhile knowledge, grail of intellect and source of immense apprehension* I always intended it to be. And next, World Domination! hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha... hehehehehe... hehehe... he. Ahem.

By the way, on the subject of Google, I want to acknowledge Guðrún Finnsdóttir, Google employee extraordinaire, web master for The Icelandic Association of Northern California and Icelander to boot, for her help in getting those crazy search spiders to find Iceland Eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And on a fun note, I entered 'Roff' in Google and discovered to my surprise, that Roff has a Wikipedia entry, holding the distinction as it does of being the name of the first UNIX text formatting program. Who'd have known? Google, that's who...

*(in this context apprehension means: "The ability to apprehend or understand; understanding" - American Heritage Dictionary)


Jean-Francois said...

This is a gret blog! I run into it by pressing the "next" button and was quite a pleasant surprise. Nice entries, good pictures and an overall great place on the internet; not to mention that I've just decided that at some point in the future I have to go to Iceland, such a beautiful land!

Now, about world domination... I'll just say "Back off!".

PS.Valentine is an angel.

Professor Batty said...

...your world domination plan is working - I submit to your power by linking you!

Maria Alva said...

Oooooh, that a declaration of war?

I have a better plan...we will join forces and create a coalition of the witty, linking our trans-Atlantic lives virtually. Sound good? Good.

And Professor...power can never be taken but only received...that is, given to one by the strong and able. Thanks you, sir. ;-)