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In honor of Benedict XVI, new Pope of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, I give you a photo of Landakotskirkja. This church rises dramatically from the hill west of downtown Reykjavik, sister to Lutheran Hallgrímskirkja on the hill to the east.

This place of Catholic worship was designed by Guðjón Samúelsson (the same man who did Hallgrímskirkju) in true Gothic style, and was built in 1929, though the tower was never fully completed. That same year the church was consecrated by Cardinal Vilhjálmur van Rossum, special ambassador to Pope Pius XI.

If you'd like to see what Landakotskirkja looked like 144 years ago, click here. Quite a change!

1 comment:

digdug said...

it is amazing! even though your country was struggling for survival and independence, it still had the spirit and will to create architecture that goes beyond functionality. although not a church-goer myself, i find the dedication and spirit of the workers and designers inspiring. this is a beautiful church!