Evening Sun

Yesterday was officially Beautiful in Reykjavik: sunny and warm. It would have been Perfect without the April breezes, but at least they were warm as well, and made for excellent cloud formations during sunset.

After a walk along the seaside, I strolled into town where I saw Flosi and Sunna sitting in the sunshine in front of Kaffibrennslan, located on Austurvellir, the mid city park, and next door to Hotel Borg. As you can see, it was balmy enough for bare arms, and this at seven o'clock in the evening!

In high summer you can sit soaking up the sun in front of this coffee house, have a good meal, excellent coffee and quality beer til the sun sets behind the buildings opposite the park, usually around Midnight. No joke! This is sidewalk cafe culture, Icelandic style.


Lovewine said...

Such a lovely time of year. I've never been north enough to see the midnight sun.

Lynda said...

It really looks like a lovely day - beautiful!