Sun Traveller favorite sculpture in Iceland, without a doubt.

I've spent many hours standing below the prow of this ship staring out over the bay towards Esja, tihinking, pondering, wondering, quieting my mind.

Once, in the middle of a long, bright summer night I stood long enough to witness what seemed to be water elves waltzing just below the surface of the still and glassy ocean. Tiny, perfect couples swayed and turned and flowed while I held my breath in awe. It seemed to last for hours, until a breeze blew in and ruffed the suface, blowing the vision away. I smiled, thanked them quietly, and turned, amazed, toward home.


Collin said...

I know exactly the feeling you've described - I experienced it last year when sitting by the statue and gazing out at the sea. I was immediately inspired to write in my journal! :^)

digdug said...

truly, my favorite sculpture, ever. i see grace, beauty, power, determination and magick when i look at this statue. it is stark and beautiful at the same time!