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The Future

After so many outdoorsy shots of Reykjavík, I wanted to share this more eclectic image of Iceland, where the shades of the past meet a vision of the future.

Here my daughter Valentína stands in front of an projected image of past president of Iceland, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir. For Icelanders Vigdís and her twelve years in office represent the true entrance of our little island into the global parade. Her natural beauty, intelligence and diplomacy presented to the world a new face of Iceland, and sparked the growth of a new national pride. Women gained especially from her honest leadership, recognizing more fully the essential place they had in the development of this country. This photo of her was taken in 1981, and she is still as beautiful today as she was then.

Valentína and all the young women of Iceland are inheritors of the legacy Vigdís created. In this shot she is like a whisper in the ear of youth to take an active role in the world in which they live, Iceland in the 21st century.


Jean-Francois said...

Great shot

L said...

what a lovely image-- and a lovely sentiment as well

Aldís said...

Awesome pic :) Vigdis served from '80-'96, 16 years ;)

Maria Alva said...

Once again, A Little Help From My Friends!

Thanks, Aldís. I wasn't sure if it was 12 or 16, so I hedged my bet and wrote 12...I figured someone would correct me eventually if I was wrong. Glad you did!