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Where's the Kitty?

I think this little guy thought I couldn't see him crouching in the neighbor's foliage like he was stalking me. When he realized I'd seen him he tensed up and we had a good old fashioned stare-down. That is until I waved at him and laughed, at which point he straightened up, casually licked his paw and looked the other way, cool as a cucumber.

Silly kitty.

It's been warm and beautiful here. And dry. So dry that we're starting to fret and complain about how dusty it is, and more seriously, about how the grain crops aren't doing so well. We're not used to a whole week going by without at least a friendly nighttime drizzle. Allergies are acting up and in my opinion, tempers seem a bit stretched, too. But then again that might due to something a bit more esoteric, like this:

Intense, intense, intense! From May 27 to June 2 we’ll all be under the influence of a T-square between Venus, Mars and Pluto, meaning everyone will be on their biggest, loopiest emotional roller coaster.

The T-square is a concentrated, dynamic three-planet combination. It's created when two planets -- in this case, Venus and Pluto -- form an opposition (think standoff), which is difficult enough. But this aspect is further complicated by a third planet, combative Mars, who will make a stressful square to the other two.

When Venus, the planet of love and emotions, and Mars, the planet of action and aggression, both meet up with powerful Pluto, the entire world can feel topsy-turvy. But your focus will be on interpersonal relationships. Who exactly is in control here anyway? Even the smallest issues (like what movie to see or what to have for dinner) can trigger major power struggles. Jealousy can raise its ugly green head, and sexual energy (shall we call it tension?) will run high.

The best way to deal with any challenges that come your way right now is to take lots of deep breaths, realize that everyone's affected by this astrological weather and know that it will soon pass. Keep in mind that minor events can trigger major upheavals; now is a time to tread carefully in your relationship.

It's something to think about, anyway. Makes me think I should remember to always be thankful for my good friends and loved ones and even for the rain.


Sirry said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog!!!
You know, talking to animals and looking at the stars pondering over its influence in our's all true, it's all true
That's what I think at least, and I too believe that there are magical powers in the island far far away in the north, which so many of us think is the Center of the Universe
(even that I too believe to be true)

Dragyngirl, aka Mekkin said...

I completly agree with Sirry, ecept Dragyn influnce the world too! plus, iv heard that being moody might be influenced by the moon