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River Rafting

We went River Rafting!!! And we had sooo much fun! The picture to the right is not of our group, but is a great shot of the Green Room Rapids on East Glacial River, or Austur Jökulsár, in North Iceland. This river is rated a 4+, meaning it's not for the weak of heart. There were nine of us who went together, and along with a group of 16 Italians, we were split into four rafts with six people each plus a guide.

Our raft went down the Green Room rapids last, and we totally wiped out! Gulli, shown here on the left (looking like a MIR space station veteran) almost died...he was stuck under water in an obnoxious whirl pool so long that he is actually reassessing this whole being alive thing and thanking the River Gods Mightily for letting him keep on taking part in it.

We had a Super Great Extreme Rafting experience, despite how scared we were while being tumbled like so many socks in a washing machine. I know we'd all like to thank the Excellent guide crew at Activity Tours for making us laugh and for telling us we could Do This River as long as we stayed focused and remembered, above all, the immortal message written on the back of the best guidebook in the Galaxy: Don't Panic. We all touched Nature and found a far too neglected Core of Courage in our hearts during our four hours on the river.

We're all here in Svarfaðaldalur tonight, just south of the Arctic Circle, looking out past Eyjafjörður at the Midnight Sun as it dips it's toes in the North Atlantic and we're glad to be alive and happy to be together.

A very perfect weekend.


digdug said...

you are a brave soul! i think i'll just stick to floating down the guadalupe river in an inner tube with a cooler of beer, thank you very much!

Lynda said...

I think I am with digdug on this one - I'm more of an inner tube gal, but it sure sounds like you had some adventures!

Valerie said...

I love the midnight photo!! How is it that you get such clear, crisp color in your photo's? Any special filters or settings? curious (envious!) minds want to know!

Iceland Eyes said...

Nothing special, Valerie...just a cute little point and shoot Olympus that I love. That's probably the secret formula: Love!

jinge said...

Nice picture!