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Raising Voices

Here is just a sampling of the nearly 50,000 women (and a couple hundred men) who took to the streets of Reykjavik on Monday to protest wage discrimination here in Iceland. At 2:08 pm, many thousands of women left their jobs for the day to meet up in front of Hallgrímskirkja and march down Skólavörðurstígur.

Why the odd time of day? Well, some clever statisticians figured out that that is the time of day when men, on average, make what it takes a woman to make for a full 8-hour work day. Not such a pretty picture, is it?

The date, October 24th, commemorates thirty years since women throughout Iceland walked out of work, all work. Even the daily chores of home and hearth. Iceland basically shut down for a day. The men were in shock, the children hungry. It was an amazing moment in Icelandic history...

The day was successful in raising awareness, once again, of women's place in modern society. But it's ultimately up to us parents, aunts and uncles and instructors to teach our children, boys and girls alike, to respect and value each other as members of the same nation and, ultimately, the same human race.

P.s. the signs say "We deserve better"


Einar said...

Totally agree, the event is good to raise awareness, now discussions, ideas, suggestions, steps, laws etc... are needed.

Maja said...

Hear hear! I found it absolutely infuriating that they paid women less than men, as a rule.

Lovewine said...

I totally agree...we're in an age where wage discrimination is ridiculous.

digdug said...

although the problem is still widespread in the states, we seem to have less distance between pay for men and women. you must be strong and not let those men forget how wrong this is. iceland is a great place with beautiful and smart people. i am confident the pay gap can be closed with continued awareness, legal action, and pressure from huge demonstrations like this. more power to ya!