It's slightly out of focus but I just don't care because it's a photo of my very happy supergirl after just having earned a silver with her gymnastics team (she's the one waving).

No one expected Valentina's group, team √Ārmann, to place at all...most of the ten girls had never even competed before in their lives (Valentina is an old pro at it, though she's always competed individually on the uneven parallel bars, balance beam, etc.) On top of that, this was the first time the team busted out their dance routine for an audience...and out of six teams they took second!

I'm the proud mommy of a very hard-working, loving and strong soul...who's cute to boot!

Who could ask for more?


digdug said...

as usual, valentina is as cute as a button! congratulations to her and her team!
i would love to hear if you have any news about toggi and his "frank murder" project. i don't mean to be nosy, just curious.

valentina said...

Hello! I wasn't expecting to find a Valentina in Iceland. Of all places!
Congratulations to her and to you, too!