Valentina's uncle Snorri Ásmundsson, a very humorously controversial artist, sharpens his thoughts in a plexiglass rendition of the Great Pyramid of Cheops at the intersection of Laugavegur and Skólavörðurstigur. I'm sure a dose of Pyramid Power has given this ecclectic Icelander a serious brain boost, and us Saturday strollers a good giggle.


Lovewine said...

Hi Maria
It is so true that blogging takes a back seat when things are busy. Our winter is creeping in and we've had snow more than once now. On your Wiki link about Pyrimid power there is mention of a Pyrimid at a winery...its only a couple of hours from me. The Pyrimids in Egypt were so amazing to see. I still can't believe how big they were. Snori loks like he's having a good time

Myrkrakompan said...

It must have been cold in there.

Terri said...

Hi there,

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I'd appreciate a link back, if that's ok ;-)

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soniasan said...

hi from barcelona!

egipt in iceland?^^
well 1 artist^^XD

marin_explorer said...

With a door, that would make a nice greenhouse!