Just a little something from a wall in downtown Reykjavik...


Viszlát Sjáumst said...

What a great photo. I found your site a few weeks ago and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. I like its simplicity and quality. Nicely done.

Could this photo possibly have been taken the same day as the pyramid? Your daughter's red hat is fantastic!

I visited Iceland in 1999 (hard to believe it was that long ago) and I'm ready to go back. I'm not sure what it is but it fascinates me. So much so, I'm attempting to teach myself Icelandic... I think it's going to take a while!

Keep up the good work, enjoy the winter.. og takk fyrir myndir frá Íslandi !

USpace said...

Great picture and nice site, Iceland looks amazingly beautiful.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw all art...

Sleipnir said...

I find it sad that art like that would cause a national crisis here in the USA. I can just hear the cries now... "OMG! You can see a penis and blood!" Then they would outlaw art from public places. Pretty sad so many people are like that here.

Your photography is very amazing!