Thought I'd bring us back to the city for a few. The note in this car says:

Forbidden We use this door all day -- EVERY DAY

I was intrigued enough by the sight of this piece of paper in the windshield to go back to the car and find out what was written on it. My curiosity only grew when I read the note: What door? Where? What exactly was forbidden? Did the owner of the car own the note or take the note? Did this have anything to do with the fact that the car was parked askew on a sidewalk in front of a residence? Within seconds I had decided it did, and scripted out a scenario in my head that included a little sex, a little violence and a lot of mystery. I took the photo, pleased with myself, and while I walked away the whole incredible fabrication dissolved, leaving me with nothing to show for my fantastic imagination than this picture.


incked said...

I think that we all imagine a story to "fill in the blanks" when we happen upon the middle of a strange/interresting situation, my wife and I often carry on whole conversations for our two cats when they have an expression that we find to be funny.

Anonymous said...

it's a riddle, and i can't think of the answer, although i know i've heard it before, when i was young. ever since i saw your photo it has been at the back of my mind, bugging me!

Maria Alva said...

I like the idea that it's some kind of ancient riddle, the answer to which gains a person entry to a world they can only imagine, or to riches, or to the secret of the universe...there's definitely a story in here somewhere!