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Dr. Spock

Our good friend Arnþór Snær, or Addi, or Chico Rockstar, took this photo at the infamous Aldrei fór ég suður or "I Never Went South" (or more stylishly, "I Never Went Down") rock festival in the northwestern town of Ísafjörður ("Ice Fjord"). This festival is kind of the antithesis to Iceland Airwaves, even down to being held at opposite times of the year. It has a "you want rock, come and get it!" feel, demanding that attendees hop on planes and boats and things to get to the isolated nothern fishing town that sponsors it. I'm sure the town was turned lopsided by the influx of power chords and guitar solos that churned throught the Easter holiday nights this past weekend, and that, I'm sure, was exactly the plan.

This shot is of Óttar Proppé, a friend of mine, who's by day a mild mannered buyer for a bookstore (and has even been interviewed by BBC World Service Radio for his opinion on the state of literature sales today) and at night the spandexed singer for at least two bands that I know of (including Dr. Spock.) Another classic case of an overtly multi-talented Icelander...

By the way, I occasionally get emails from people I call Icelandophiles, i.e. who are interested in visiting or moving here and are looking for information about our lovely Lava Rock. With their consent I'm going to post their emails to me here on this blog so that others can possibly help them out with their questions. Here's one from Fernanda in Brazil:

Dear Maria,

I'm one of the readers of your blog, I've first discovered it in internet looking for information about Iceland. I'm in love with Iceland and the idea of going there as soon as possible for few months. I'm 24 years old, brazilian and since 2 years ago with residence in Barcelona - Spain. I'm journalist and came to Spain to study documentary cinema. I'm wishing to go to Iceland on next april or may with my camera and computer. I still don't have a clear idea about my project, but I'm sure I'll enjoy to film (and live) in Iceland. My main doubt now is about work. I've been teaching portuguese here and I was wondering how hard would be to find a job as portuguse/spanish teacher in Reykjavik. You're English teacher, right? May be you could tell me something about the subject...

Kind regards,
Fernanda Baldissera

And here's part of what I wrote back to her:

Thank you for writing, Fernanda. I love getting emails from people who seem drawn to Iceland! I have to keep this short right now, but I wanted to let you know that there is a strong Spanish/Portugese community here...small but strong. I even know a Brazilian or two! Your best bet right now would be to check out the International House ( here in Reykjavik. It is a great resource for people new to Iceland, and might be a way for you to find something for yourself to do while here.

Fernanda's email is if you would like to (respectfully) write to her about her imminent travels to wonderful little Iceland.

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