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Oh, I wish I had something to say, some deep words about extreme weather and Bobby Fischer's passing and about how I think I saw Joan Cusak walking up Bankastræti the other day. A few thoughts on local stock market wobbles would be nice, or on the ever-rising cost of gasoline (we're at $7.50 a gallon!) or even on the real-life Monopoloy game being played by out by Rvk politicos. But the well has frozen up in the recent cold snap and who knows but that I'll have to wait til Spring for a literary thaw...

In the mean time, you can help by sending in a few words of your own to me via email and if I like, I'll post. Subject: Iceland.

And if you happen to be house hunting here in Reykjavik, please let me know. Or if you're in real estate. Explanations later.

And does anyone know of any summer English teaching gigs? There's a couple coming to the island in May who'd love to share their linguistic knowledge while here.


Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog about a month ago and have been following it for its "current"-cy since then. I'm an American from the West who lived there as a volunteer from age 19-21 from 1984-86, a bit before the rest of the world discovered it and started to move in for the relative peace and quiet and work opportunities. I'm still in contact with a lot of folks there and keep up my Icelandic with a few native speakers who are here. I am translating a few historical journals too from Icelandic into English that are in a local university library here where I live. I have a blog on Iceland as well where I post a lot of pictures from back in the eighties but along with current ones as well. It is at Ignore the religious parts and I'd bet a few of your readers would be interested in the tons of general Iceland stuff. I want to visit Kolaportid in a few weeks when I am there. I had never heard about it till you wrote about it. Vigdis was still president when I was there.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through the Iceland Express site.
I love it and ploughed back through a lot of stuff, will certainly be a regular reader now.
I have been to Iceland twice and fell in love with the place like no other place I've ever been.
The statues in your quiz made me laugh because I remember seeing them in '101 Reykjavik' and my daughter and I had some glee when I saw them for real.

April's Place said...

Great Blog!!! Will return often.