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We've survived a 6.3 shaker here in South Iceland, though one man broke his toe and quite a number of homes in Selfoss are unsafe for the time being. For my parents and I it felt just like the old days: Los Angeles '71, San Francisco '89.

The earth shakes, plans change, paths diverge, goals are reassessed. LIfe in flux.

Sometimes a simple, pretty, peaceful scene is just what we need.

p.s. If you're thinking of moving to California here's a site you should read: Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country


H.M. said...

What a coincidence. I was in both the Los Angeles '71 and San Francisco 89 earthquakes, being a native son of California. These days, however, I live (and love it) in the land of the Scandinavian diaspora, Minnesota.

I am a huge fan of your country (and of some of its music too!) and I found your blog some time ago in a search for things Icelandic. I have been lurking since then and enjoying your occasional glimpses of life in Iceland. When I saw that line about the earthquakes I decided to leave a comment.

Thanks for being here in the blogosphere with an Icelandic presence. :)


Luis said...

glad you are basically all ok over there after the earthquake...

Holly said...

Though I live in San Francisco, there are no big earthquakes in my memory - I was too little to remember the Loma Prieta. A lovely scene indeed.

Djaddi said...

Is this on the inner street parallel to Hringbraut in Vestubær?

I like guessing (or trying to..) where the pics are taken :)

Unknown said...

glad you, toggi and the rest of the family are unharmed. hope this one relieves some of the tectonic pressure under southwest iceland, leaving y'all in peace. (at least for a while)

best wishes from austin, texas

-K- said...

About 10 days ago there was an earthquake here in Los Angeles, the first significant one in quite some time. The office building felt, briefly, like it was playing with a hula-hoop.