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Reposted from July 2008: An odd and deep fog is settling over Reykjavik this evening, muffling sounds and blocking the lovely midnight sunset from sight. That reminds me of something my Amma Ásta once said to me, "I don't understand it when people say the sun has finally come out; the sun is always there. It's the clouds that come and go."

So the sun is glowing warm and bright behind the evening's fog, as it was around midnight last week when I spotted this group of teenage visitors walking the path along the bay, enjoying the last rays of the day.

No fog for us these days except possibly regarding, once again, the future of Iceland on the international front. If you haven't already, go check out our facebook page for some idea of a few of the issues now on the table for our little mighty island.


Simply Organized 4 Life said...

I really love your blog and the photos are really great. I've never been to Iceland, but having looked around your site, I think it is a place I would love to visit.


Julie said...

I'd love it if the sun stayed out that late here.

Anonymous said...

It's 3:30 in the morning here in San Francisco, I couldn't sleep, and I've just stumbled upon your blog. It's really wonderful. I was in Iceland in May of '06 and I loved every second of it. I really fell in love with the place and miss it to this day. I hope to get back. Meanwhile, your blog conjures up those feelings of warmth and excitement I felt while I was there.

365 sentences said...

regrettably i have yet to visit iceland, but I plan to remedy that soon... I can only see sooo many photos, and listen to sooo much sigur ros and amina before I'm going to have to jump on the next plane... I enjoy the blog.... for some amazing icelandic imagery you should definitely check out this photographer named SMARI his website is smari productions.... i love it. cheers