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This photo is an homage to the person who created the very nifty kids pink wool one-piece that we saw hanging in the Red Cross charity shop on Laugavegur.

It's one of a kind, or at least I've never seen this particular design before. Someone knit this with dedication and a loving hand for a child who outgrew it and has moved on. Maybe it even passed through a family, a klatch of sisters and cousins who inherited it for a winter or two, snuggled or itched in it, loved it or suffered it, until their arms poked too far out the sleeves and their ankles got too exposed, and then it was conveyed on. Decidedly unfashionable, it was finally relegated to the second-hand heap, stuffed into a plastic bag, donated to a good cause, and delivered to the storefront for a chance at a new life where it has maybe already found itself a small winter body to warm.


XMOCHA said...

I love this store, Maria, I bought a stunning red dress once, it fitted perfectly and I wore it for my wedding dinner!

Anonymous said...

I think it is awesome!!! Sometimes, what seems unfashionable can become amazingly unique and forward later on if worn in a new way! :) I hope it will eventually find a new home.

Ivo Serenthà said...

Greetings from Italy,good luck


Iceland Eyes said...

I've been offline for a few weeks, so it was great to come back and see comments from regulars, and for a few newcomers as well. Thanks to all!

Gerald (SK14) said...

I remember this store and buying something from there - I hope it is still in my wife's wardrobe somewhere.

pipi said...

dear maria alva
a friend of mine found this foto and informed me about it. i am faszinated of islandic knitting art and i am looking for such lopi overalls but for adult people. another very nice pic you can see here:
do you know about a shop or knitting person who will sell such beautyfull clothes?
you can find me on
best regards: pipi