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Springtime in Reykjavik, with pretty blooms and hints of blue skies, is finally here after our long winter of discontent.

New life is pulsing, quickening, in the warming earth and in our hearts. Elections have brought hope to many that our little island nation will survive our recent disgrace and grow again, if ever so humbly. We can't escape our pasts but are forced instead to review missteps, misdeeds, selfish living and a collective disconnect from the land we live on. But Nature, in her wisdom, always grants a new spring, a new chance to plant and nurture, sow and reap. The lessons never go away. They are revisited on us until we get them right, until we learn to cherish, selflessly, all that truly matters in our lives. What we run from comes back to us in ways we never imagined, offering new chances to bloom, and to grow.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Beautifully said

Iceland Eyes said...

Thank you. It was a pleasure to write.

Mo'a said...

Well said.
I adore the photo of the old house and the daffodils...great angle.
Iceland and Icelanders are resilient and will come through this better than ever.
Mo'a and Icelander living in the US