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Just a half hour's drive from our front door Óðinn and I found this crazy high-pressure steam release site. We drove right up to and under these massive plumes (the photo doesn't do justice to their true size) that droned and hissed and thundered at an unbearably loud level. It was amazing and a bit scary: I had to keep pushing away images of sudden earthquakes cracking the pipes and drums causing boiling spouts of water to explode around us. Not everyone's happy with this latest geothermal energy plant (Hellisheiðarvirkjun) but I have to admit it was very impressive to see how the human mind engages a fantastic force of nature like this.


Anonymous said...

I visited Hellisheiðarvirkjun in November and was blown away by the absolutely beautiful main building containing the visitor centre. The guide explained it was designed to resemble a cross-section across the MidAtlantic Ridge which cuts through Iceland - and (as a geologist) I had to admit they did a great job.

I've never thought a power station could be beautiful, but all that glass, steel and pale wood is something else.

Lennart said...

You should write a little about the Icelandic language. In this connection there is an interesting language that was invented in Iceland that few people know about: Basque-Icelandic pidgin

A related topic is how it is to live between two cultures and two languages. I presume your native language is still English or do you also speak perfect and unaccentuated Icelandic?

How many Americans do you know who are permanent residents of Iceland. How many of them speak good or perfect Icelandic?

Det Progressiva USA


Unknown said...

i would love to see this place...looks amazing!!!
...and here is finally also the link to the "borough edges, nyc" projects: can select the areas to view via the map...