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The beauty of living in a small city is that no matter the distance between people, the web of connectivity keeps us always together.

Not to say that separations can't occur. I've lost folk for years who live just down the street, a seemingly impossible feat considering the compactness of our Reykjavik. But just as easily I've found myself running into the right person at just the right time, over and again. It all seems to be a matter of synchronicity, and sometimes even as though we each occupy our own separate dimension, which merge when the city seems to want them to. Until those moments, we can make due with the knowledge that we are all connected, linked and twined, by the intricate web of contact that binds us.


Fred Miller said...

When I first began serious meditation fifteen years ago, this was the idea I focused on. I am connected to the people who built this room, who made this carpet, who built that couch in front of me and to the trucker who hauled it and the salesman who sold it and to their kids and their neighbors. There is so much life all around us, touching us. Thanks, Maria.

kerri said...

i was wondering if u were okay, haven't seen u on facebook - u were one of my fav friends. loved your posts and comments! miss u, hope ur beautiful children and u r happy and healthy! hugs and peace - Kerri

Anonymous said...

Nice picture.

Mathieu Farrand said...

I live in a small town in Switzerland and I feel the same sentiment all the time. Everyone is there when you really need them and everyone is ready to help. Everything is connected.

PS. I've added you to my list of blogs to follow on my site:

I would also be honored if you would let me on occasion display some of your artwork as I place a picture before every post.

Iceland Eyes said...

Hi Kerri! I'm so glad you left a comment : ) I decided to leave facebook as a kind of sociology experiment: what would life be like knowing nothing of what's going on in my society? Turns out, life is quieter and sweeter, and I find out what I need to know the old fashioned way: by telephone or synchronicity ~.~ I miss your posts, too, and your sweet comments. Hugs to you and your family xxx

Mathieu, you are more than welcome to use my photos with credit. The best thing to do is to download the original sizes from flickr (just click on the pictures themselves on Iceland Eyes.) I much appreciate your blog and your concept of creating an ideal existence by *hacking* the norms. Thank you : )

And Fred, well said.

Mathieu Farrand said...

Thank you so much Maria. I am really happy as I too would take pictures in Iceland, but I'm stuck in Switzerland (not a bad alternative :))

I will add credit towards every photo I use. Again, thank you.

Robert Codescu said...

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Can you click me on to have the flag from your country !!?!?!


Robert Codescu from Romania !!!