GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER: Gustavo Marcelo Blanco

Gustavo writes: I was living close by this street that leads up to Hallgrimskirkja and always wanted to capture it. The name is an inside joke. I gave it to a friend as a wedding present. I have actually seen it on the wall in his house. I shot it digitally twice, the later time off the computer screen, hence the funky effect.

The street is Skothúsvegur, which crosses over Tjörnin, the Reykjavik city lake. The name derives from the city's Shooting Club, which had it's headquarters at Tjarnagata 35, a house that sits just off of this road.

Many thanks to Gustavo, who currently resides in Amsterdam where he is earning his BA in Filmmaking (he is also a movement recoding artist), for supplying this beautiful image. Please be sure to check out more photos by him at Squared Image Dump.

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