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This gorgeous and evocative photo is of the woods at Skorradalur, in the Borgafjörður region less than an hour's drive north of Reykjavik. To see more of his work, please visit his photo site here.

It's in times like these (see here for details) that scenes of natural beauty, both in its growth and in its decay, remind us of the inevitable cycles of life, and that taking moments aside to re-commune with our outdoors is the very best remedy for the pains of our personal, and national, souls.

Tómas, who goes by the alias of Tomio Newmilk, is, as well as being a fantastic photographer, also a musician in the duet Quadruplos. You should check out their page here.

1 comment:

Fred Miller said...

I come here because the images soothe my eyes. And I love to work my tongue round the Icelandic words.