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Sophie writes: This picture was taken at the family summer cottage last July, a beautiful day, beautiful light, beautiful sisters, beautiful daughters.

It is nice to be reminded of the sweetness of summer at times like these, because it's cold out there! Winter has hit all over Western Europe and some areas to the east. Airports in the UK are snowed in, frost and ice are impairing traffic in Germany and France, and schools are closed in many regions. In the US, heavy rains have hit California, much to the chagrin of a good friend of ours who took her family out to Hollywood for their first West Coast adventure last week, and have been huddling under umbrellas on wet and empty streets and beaches nearly the whole time.

Here in Iceland, though, we've only had a baby cold snap: -5° Celsius with high winds for a few days. Brrr! But we have no snow, and none is foreseen on the horizon. It may well be another rauð jól, or red (snowless) Christmas here on this northerly island. Regardless of what may come, we can give many thanks for the calm and crispness we are now enjoying here in Reykjavik.


Laura said...

We've had piles of snow here for ages, but at least where we're at (Canadian praries) we know how to deal with it. My sypathies certainly go out to all those in Europe who are experiencing the awful difficulties related with the snow.

And here's wishing you a white Christmas (in manageable amounts!)

Iceland Eyes said...

Yes, you central Canadians sure know your snow!

Thanks for the holiday wishes, and I hope your season is wonderful as well : )

Iceland Eyes said...

(Note: I spoke too soon: it is going to get frosty cold here in the next few days, -10° to -15° C...)

The Lone Beader® said...

What a cute picture!