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Kid with towel at Nauthólsvík beach in Reyjavík

I just love this photo! I snapped it today out at Nauthólsvík, the white-sand beach here in Reykjavík  (btw, read the post in that last link for a good journey down memory lane - I wrote it in 2007 about how amazing Iceland's economic growth was, and how much we deserved it! Haha!) which sits just below Perlan and the Öskjuhlíð forest (here's a good article from the Grapevine about this area.).  A group of pre-schoolers were on a field trip to the beach, and this little dude was spreading his towel out at the top of the hillock above where we sat.

It ended up getting a bit chilly when the high, grey clouds from the east floated in front of the sun, but until then the 14°C temp kept me, at least, pretty happy. As always, I recommend visiting this outdoor marvel, especially if traveling here with kids (hint: there's a constructed hot pool on site for parents to relax and warm in ; )


Truman said...

Your blog and your photos are just wonderful. It's like a window into a fascinating place and the accompanying text is whimsical, interesting and thoughtful. Thank you for continuing to post to Iceland Eyes!

Truman said...
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Iceland Eyes said...

Takk takk, Truman! It always means a lot to get messages like yours from out in the Big World : )

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful photo. I can feel the fresh Icelandic air. Thank you!