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Lessons from a Bouquet of Beautiful Found at Bónus

This photo blows me away, especially since it's of a bouquet at the local Bónus discount grocery store. Should I share that information? Or should I keep the mystery alive? 

Either way, I had no idea what I was going to capture...I was looking for a good bag of carrots (locally grown = expensive & delicious) when I felt the impulse to try for some macro shots of the gaudy plastic-wrapped flower wands in the refrigerated produce section. I took this pic mostly for size reference. To me it looks like a painted still life from
some long-gone Master Artist era. I love it! It will definitely be printed out nice and big and hung on my wall. 

A goal of mine is to have a gallery showing of my macro flower photos, (see an older set of them via that link) all blown up A3 size or more. And a coffee table book as well. My five year plan.

I never made it out to Hveragerði. It's strange to think that I was all set to move a year ago, and had a buyer for my apartment as well as an accepted offer on a house with a huge yard out there. Then things happened, as they do, and I have to say I'm glad we're still in the heart of Reykjavik, near our closest family and friends. And it doesn't hurt to know that by staying and focusing on the improvements that needed to be made here, instead of those that I would have had to make in Hveragerði, the value of my apartment has raised by about 20%. Back a year ago I would have sold for around 24 million krónur. Today I could easily get 30 or more. Imagine! 

But it's not all about the money. I promised myself that I'd give Change a try, try pushing my boundaries, leaving my comfort zone. I was going to go to horticulture school and live rural. I was going to set out with my son on an adventure, and we were going to get a dog. I had a vision, and up until the very last minute all the details fell into place: the house, the buyer, the banks...

But another promise I made was to listen to my intuition, which in my humble opinion is simply another name for what we may call the Great Spirit, God, the Universe, Ancestors, et al.  And that whisper told me to let go of the plan, maybe just for now, and to be proud of myself and my son Óðinn for being willing to try a new direction in life.  

We grasp so tightly to what we think we want or need in our personal worlds, and often what we think others should want or need in theirs (dangerous territory for all involved!) We leave no room for true change to seep slowly in, altering us over time, or for the softer bounties of a generous Universe to incorporate themselves into our realities. 

Like with this photo, strange and wonderful things can happen exactly when we think we're just out at the store shopping for carrots if, that is, we let go and let them.

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Jono said...

Anything fresh and alive at this time of year is enjoyable.