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This is another photo of Valentina, and of course she's super cute. But I just wanted to show how well-cared for Reykjavik is, how beautiful the parks and gardens are tended. At the beginning of every summer, teenagers who get jobs with the city work program grab their shovels and spades and plant thousands and thousands of lovely flowers all over. Even if you end up coming to Reykjavik when it's a little rainy or overcast, the city gardens and parks still glow.

This statue and garden are on Fríkirkjuvegur, which runs above the city lake, and everyone is welcome to enjoy it.


Jóhannes Tryggvason said...

Actually this particular flowerbed is on the corner of Fríkirkjuvegur and Skothúsvegur. Tjarnargata is on the other side of the lake.

Iceland Eyes said...

Thanks for the info...I like the idea that this is a group-effort blog!!!!