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New Years Eve!

Happy New Year from Reykjavik!

Thanks to all for a wonderful 2005 and best wishes for an even better year to come!


Anonymous said...

Hello Maria!
Nice blog and phtos you have.

I am planing visit Iceland next August with a friend.

Can you tell me if it is possible to see snow in August? I mean: I know that in the summer there are no snow in Reykjavik, but do you know if there are mountains with snow all the year (it is not for making sky, it is olny to watch).

I live in a country with no snow and I will love to see it!

Thanks for your attention.

Happy new year!

Lynda said...

Happy New Year! I look forward to continue "seeing" Iceland through your eyes in 2006. Hope this year is spectacular for you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Thanks again for the great photos and the blog!

digdug said...

happy new year maria! blessings to you, toggi, valentina, and the rest of your family.
due to the sinking value of the dollar, my june trip to iceland will be put on hold. with luck and the blessings of the gods, the missus and i will return to your fair land sometime soon. until then, your pictures keep iceland in my heart. takk fyrir!

Anonymous said...

Maria, I think I was like two feet away from you or something on New Year's Eve! I was also at the church taking photos of the fireworks...and I must say, the display was quite something. Too bad I'm back home in the US, now...