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Back in the days, when summertime still smiled upon us, before the autumn winds blew in and blew away the leaves and the chilly rains started to fall, a little trip was taken to a fjord just to the north and there I found a tunnel feeding a river out to the sea.

And here's a message I received today from Iceland Eyes reader Kylee:

I just returned from Iceland and brought some coffee back with me for my mom. She was in love with it and wants to order more, but I can't find anyone who carries it online. It is Merrild Malađ Međalristađ. I realize that it's not even an Icelandic brand, but does anyone have info on how I can get it online -- or if someone would be gracious enough to ship some to me in the States??


(She didn't drop her address, but I'm sure she will if anyone would like to hook her mom up with the stuff.)


Daniel Chérouvrier said...

Nice tunnel.
I post a forest tunnel today somewhere.

Gerald (SK14) said...

I love this kind of view.

Anonymous said...

Merrild is a Danish brand. See:

It's part of the Sara Lee corporation. See:

It seems that most food is getting globalized, but hiding behind local brand names.

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