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The Road to Town

I drove my mother out to the Keflavik airport today, and on the way home it occurred to me once again how stark the landscape is between the airport and the big city of Reykjavik.

Every time I drive this road I feel a little bit of sympathy for first time tourists. Are they trying to remember why it was they chose to come here as they stare out over the barren lava? Do they think god, it does look like the moon?

I really like this lava field, though. What I like most is that you can see how the molten stuff poured slowly, like thick batter, over the peninsula then cooled, leaving cracks in the surface that remind me of well-baked muffin tops.

(speaking of baked goods, a note to digdug: your letter to the editor of Grapevine was published in the December (not online yet!) issue. You're still with us in word and spirit!)


Cy said...

Spectacular photos.

Maria Alva said...

Takk fyrir, Cy (that means thanks alot in Iceland-speak) Your web site has super cool graphics. I'm sure Hel would really love the decor in there!

digdug said...

i too find the crusty beauty of the lava flows infinitely interesting. the layer of moss on most things icelandic is an image that will always stick with me. maybe, like some englishmen in the early 1900s, i am drawn to places of rough, and sometimes stark beauty. (see Lawrence of Arabia)
on another note...when will the dec. issue of the grapevine be put on the net? the last one posted is dated oct. 25th! i am anxious to read it, and see if you have anything in it too. thank you for thinking of me! :D digdug

Cy said...

Eh, the graphics are all screwed up. But thank you. And I'm not even going to try to pronounce "thank you" in Icelandic - I might hurt myself. ::smiles::