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With kids

Iceland is a great country to visit with kids because its relatively safe. There are few of those kinds of humans I call "wolves" and not a single incident of missing children that I know of. I have a six year old daughter who is never out of my sight when we visit California, but who is free to roam around without me here in Reykjavik, which we both consider a great privelage. There may not be a ton of attractions and flashing lights, but you don't have to have to panic if you get separated from your little ones. Tell them that everyone understands English if they get lost and need help.

For older kids you might try giving them a couple of thousand kronur (about the same as a twenty) and setting them loose on Laugarvegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik. There are cool music, clothing and book stores, plus hot dog, ice cream and candy shops. Set up a rendezvous location like Austurvöll, a cute city park downtown that's very popular in summer (turn left off Austurstræti at Pósthússtræti) and be free! Warning: Stores in the dowtown area are only open from 10 am til 2pm on Saturdays and are Not Open on Sundays !! Takes me by surprise every single weekend!

Of course there are the swimming pools, super popular with the young set, and also the Zoo and Family park (Fjölskylda-og Húsdýragarðurinn) in Laugardalur. The zoo is quaint, with a bunch or farm animals and some seal, reindeer, mink, a turkey or two and a bunch of hands-on stuff and things to climb to run off extra energy. It's inexpensive and very countryside in the middle of the metropolis. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh, here I am in Australia, and I know I've been in that Subway.

Iceland Eyes said...

Hellooooo friend way on the other side of the world!!! Have you been to Iceland, or are you noting how spooky it is that all Subways, all across the globe, are Exactly Alike?

Thanks for Reading...

Anonymous said...

No I have in fact been to that exact Subway. But yes, they are the same all around the world :-) Except of course I had to rely on the sandwich pictures somewhat more in Reykjavik. I went to Iceland a couple of years ago for a Sigur Ros concert. I don't know if they're even still together.

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous,

Just surfing and found your comments and wanted to let you, and others who might read this, know that Sigur Rós is indeed still together.

Anonymous said...

Maria, the safety and security that Iceland provides to children is world class. It is has influenced me so, that I intend to live there one day with my children! Not to mention the amazing culture and everything that comes with it!

Anonymous said...

Maria, thank you for this gorgeous blog. I'm in the middle of planning a 10-day trip to Iceland in late July, most of it in Reykjavik. I'll be hanging out with my 5 year old and 1.5 year old while my partner is at a conference. We're from New Zealand which has some similarities, perhaps, to Iceland, but I can't wait to discover the differences.

We're bringing a scooter for the 5 year old to zip around on, and I can wear the little guy on my back, so we're looking forward to exploring the town, visiting the Family Park and Zoo, Videy, the Volcano Show for Mr Five, and finding all the little playgrounds around town (any hot tips?).

Is there anything else that would be good to know about? Bookshops, libraries, feeding the ducks? What does your wee guy like to do?

Oh, and there's a day excursion to the Blue Lagoon - would it be madness to take the kids there or would they love it? I get the feeling it's more adult-oriented than the city pools, but would love to hear what you think.

Phew, that's a lot of questions. I really appreciate your blog and would love to hear any further advice you might have for this age group -- and their mums!

Anonymous said...

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