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Howz that for a hat trick? Every film that won an award at tonight's Nordisk Panorama Awards Gala was written up or mentioned in yours truly's Festival Newsletter! It's like I'm psychic or it's like perfect synchronicity or maybe its a good thing that I know NONE of the jury members or it might seem a bit fixed. Hmmm.

(Toggi's laughing at me because what I just wrote sounds kinda egotistical. But don't you see how weird it is? There were, what, 140 films shown at the festival. I wrote about maybe ten total, and seven out of those ten won awards!)

Not to say that every film or director I interviewed or wrote about won. I'd like to specifically mention The Comet, which I love and which I would have loved to see win the acclaim it deserves. Johan Löfstedt the director and Patrick Axen the producer are really cool Swedish guys who are definitely going places.

And of course the Passing Hearts team, Mikael Flodell and Johan Brisinger were totally fun to talk to and have what it takes to make it big. I guess they have to share the glory this time (right guys? wink wink.) as they've racked up ten awards already!

But I'm really happy for Rúnar Rúnarsson and Grímur Hákonarsson (The Last Farm - Best Short, and The Last Words of Hreggviður - Canal+, respectively) local boys who've done good. Proud to know them. Proud for Iceland.

So tonight I'll sleep well and wake late. Sounds verrrry nice.

Góða Nótt, Reykjavík, Góða Nótt.

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