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Beautiful Names

Here's a sampling of some modern Icelandic names translated into English, just for fun.

(á=ow, é=ye, í=ee, ó=oh, ú=oo, ð=the, þ=bath, æ=eye, ö=smurf)

Svanhvít Ósk= White Swan Wish
Brynja Eir= Metal Armour
Ástríður = Beautiful Love
Aðalsteinn = Main Stone
Alda Gyða = Sea Goddess
Guðmundur = Hand of God
Birkir Fjalar = Birch of Many Wisdoms
Ófeigur Örn = Death-Defiant Eagle
Sigríður Helga = Holy Beautiful Victory
Sólveig Lilja= Sun Strong Lily
Úlfar Snær = Snow Wolf
Birna Unnur = Love Bear
Indriði = Lone Rider
Hjálmar Helgi = Holy Helmet
Hrafnhildur = Battle Raven
Kolbrún = Dark Brow
Sveinbjörn = Male Bear
Þorgeir = Thor's Spear

All of these names are very current and common, and can be mixed and matched as one pleases. Interesting, isn't it?


- said...

wow, the names have beautiful meanings, like native american names.. it s great. do u know what NOI means?
i know the spelling is not exact, but like in the movie albino noi.

Iceland Eyes said...

Nói is actually just our version of Noah. Like a lot of cultures, we've reworked names to fit our language. Because Icelanders are so proud and protective of their language, even names of still-living are translated. For example, we don't read about Charles prins (prince), we get Karl prins. Prince William is Vilhjálmur, which is actually derived from the Old Germanic Willahelm for wish helmet, a name that traveled to Britain with the Norman Conqueror "William" in 1066.