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This is a shot I took of the crazy big rollercoaster at Tivoli in Copenhagen. I just really like this took super timing plus dumb luck to get the riders in the frame.

Tivoli is very cool. The Cardigans were playing the night I was there and I think their music is sexy. I have promised Valentina to take her there soon. Maybe for a weekend this summer.

Growing up in California means other countries are always really far away unless you're talking about Mexico or Canada which somehow don't count. To me, California is the End of the World, the Edge of Civilization, the Final Frontier. I think most people would agree. When I stand on a cliff on the side of Highway 1, that famous winding oceanside road you've seen so often in the movies, and stare out to sea I think to myself This is it. There's nothing else but water for forever and forever and forever and then I remember Japan and how it's called the Land of the Rising Sun and that makes sense because that's where the world starts up again. Getting out of the US from California takes a lot of time and a lot of money and a lot of time zones. It's a little intimidating, I guess.

From here, in Iceland, I can jet on south to Europe whenever I want, really. And I want to do it more. I've only been to England and Copenhagen so far. What, I ask, is up with that?


Graham Jones said...

I like the photo as well. I also agree with your thoughts on California. On the west coast I feel that everything is so far away. I have travelled extensively but now that I'm older it seems more difficult to get away. Iceland is high on the list of next destinations.

L said...

I really like the photo!