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Icelandic homegrown tomatos are really good...just like they were in the old days: sweety-tarty, juicy, luscious and firm without being genetically-modified-to-travel-half-way-around-the-world hard. I consider the Icelandic hothouse tomatos one of the luxuries of living here.

But (as Pee Wee Herman himself said, "Everybody's got a big but[t]") now Orkuveita Reykjavíkur, the only heat and electricity supplier to the Reykjaivík area (aka: The Monopoly) has raised rates and stopped offering discounts to hothouse growers. The cost of keeping our wonderful, burgeoning hothouse horticulture thriving is going to go throught the roof. I've always thought that if Iceland could only promote and encourage hothouse farming we could become models for island-self-sustainment, as well as encourage a new generation of fruit and vegetable-loving Icelanders, healthier and happier on the whole. But no.

Oh man, first we find out it's cheaper to buy an Icelandic leg of lamb at digdug's rival store, Whole Foods, than it is here where we are almost overrum by the beasts, but now it's gonna cost us like $3.00 for a single, locally-grown tomato (and I'm barely exaggerating here!).

On the bright side, cold tap water here is always clean, always super chilled and always glacial-stream good to the last drop.

(photo courtesy of this site)

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