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Today, Ash Wednesday, is the day that Icelandic kiddies dress up in costumes and go candy-hunting: in essence, the local version of Halloween. To read more about the tradition, read the nice but anonymously-posted comment to my October 31st blog...

This shot is, of course, of my little witchy-poo, Valentína. She went out with her two girlfriends to con candy from shop owners by singing little songs, and came home with quite a sugar-haul.

She'd left her pointy hat and broom at home due to wild weather outdoors, and only had the sprayed-black hair and goth makeup of her costume left. "Mamma," she said, "when we sang, they kept asking if I was supposed to be Björk!" I thought when I took this shot that something seemed a little familiar...!


L said...

wow! she really does look vaguely Bjorkish!

Iceland Eyes said...

Ok, vaguely is the operative word...I think it's all in the eyebrows, actually!

Alda said...

Aww, what a sweetie! And yes, she does look like Björk (only a much cuter version...)
PS Thanks for the kudos :) and the link