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Friendly Words

I've gotten quite a few emails in the past few days, and I thought I'd share them with everyone. Enjoy!

Maria - As you indicated a few days you were wondering who is reading your blog. I just want to say that I read your blog every morning and look forward to the everyday pictures of Iceland. I found your blog when doing research for a trip to Iceland I might take the family on later this summer. I'm one of those people that watches, but doesn't participate as I should.

I've always want to go to Iceland every since I was a little boy in a small Texas town close to Austin. Coming from Texas where sometimes it's hell on earth in terms of the temperature it was always nice to see photo's of Iceland glaciers and mountains, which seems so cool and calming on hot Texas days. I've come close several times at 33,000 ft traveling to Europe to visit my wife's family in Germany and the Netherlands from Austin, but still haven't landed on the rock of ice and fire.

thanks again for your wonderful blog and the great photo's showing every day activities and events in Iceland.

Christopher Markley

I seem to have a lot of readers in Texas...what's up with that? I'm wondering, Christopher, do you know digdug? He's one of the more important elements of Austin life, you know. (wink wink digdug!)

Kidding aside, thank you so much for writing and sharing your childhood dream with me. Some people are just drawn to this island. It's been said that old souls come here, that Iceland is a gathering spot of kinds for those who've learned the many many lessons of being alive. Others say that there's simply a tangible electromagnetic energy that the island exudes, an energy that is healing and positive. And some, like you, are simply mezmerized by the stark beauty they see in photos. I like that.

You'll be here, I know, sooner than later.


Hi Maria,

My name is Collin, a college student from the US. First of all, love your site!! I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon it, as my trip to Iceland last year has left me wanting to go back. I had a question for you, actually, if you don't mind? I'm finishing up my freshman year of college here, and my dream is to study at the University of Iceland for at least a year. Based on your knowledge of the university (you got a BA in Lit there?), and since you also went back there from the US, I was wondering if my plan sounds possible? I mean, how easy/difficult is it for a foreign student to arrange study there? My college does not have a program in Iceland, but I was hoping to be able to do it anyway...I'm sorry; I know it's a random question from a pretty random person, but I'm burning with curiousity!
Again, great site; thanks for maintaining it and putting up such
good photos and articles!

Best wishes,

Collin, the University of Iceland is waiting for your call! Getting in is not too difficult...I had to fill out a one page form and have my transcript sent to the Admissions Office. That's it. And that was to get into the Masters program in Comparative Lit! See, here there's an assumed right to higher education and few universities to choose from, so the competetivness of the US system is basically unknown. That's not to say the education is any less worthy, though. The schools here are good, and in my opinion are only getting better with an increase in foreign students like you!

Let me know how things go...M


Terrific weblog Maria, found you via a mention in 'WebUser'. Now that our puny English Winter is over, I especially enjoyed the snow scenes. I am relieved to see that there are still places in the world (New Zealand is another), where minor road accidents and car thefts are the worst thing that constitute front-page news. Long may it continue.

Best wishes, David.

Thanks, David. Did you know that if you stick a skewer through a globe starting in Iceland it'll come out through New Zealand? Fun fact for everyone!


And finally, Anne in Malta, who says she's a faithful reader and who is coming here for her honeymoon in June, asked me to please explain this island's anomolous weather. She's read in guide books that extreme foul weather gear is a must when travelling to Iceland, but sees bare arms and April sunshine in my photos. What, she wants to know, should she pack for her stay? Here's my official answer:

Thanks for writing and thanks for the complement about Iceland Eyes! I love the fact that my text and pictures are being read as far away as Malta...what a great thing! As far as clothing goes, the one thing you Must bring is a water-resistant coat or jacket, preferrably thin. Bring both an outdoors-y one for trips to the countryside and something more urban for walking around Reykjavik. You don't want to get caught in a summer shower in your new suede jacket, but you don't either want to look like you just came in from climbing a mountain when you go out for coffee or dinner!

The key here is layers...bring tank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts and a few sweaters...what you don't see in my photos is how often the weather can change in one day! And be sure to bring something other than just hiking/outdoors boots...Reykjavik is very trendy and, once again, it's nice to not look like you are fresh off the mountain. It's just never that cold here...if you are prepared! Strong winds and rain can make things a little less comfortable, but this isn't the Arctic ...on the other hand, it sure ain't Malta either, eh? Let me know if you need more info...
Bye for now,



Anonymous said...

all those emails summed up what i think too, your site iw wonderful and incredibly useful...the amount of places i want to visit when i come to the island next month is growing each time i look at the blog!


Michele said...

I like to stop in from time to time also. I love the pictures of Iceland and your lovely descriptions.