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Valentina and I saw Real Live Vikings at the airport the other day! (I think the guy with the Viking Beer looks like that Bog Man from Bronze Age Denmark, but of course more...alive. It must be because of his cool hat).

Turns out these cool linen-tunic-clad folk are here in Iceland for the annual Viking Festival in Hafnarfjordur. When I told them that Valentina and I had thought that maybe their time machine had broken down and they had gotten stuck in our reality, they smiled patronizingly and explained that they travel dressed this way to promote their gigs. Then they posed for us and told us we should come see them at the festival this weekend. I think they were from Norway.


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing about the Viking Beer. And the link to the Bog People article is great.

Anonymous said...

I actually talked to that guy while he was mangling a roast lamb. He is Swedish.

XMOCHA! said...

thanks for that entry, we were checking in on yr blog on the 17th at 3pm plus on the on the main shopping street, and immediately drove to the 4pm, we were surrounded by Vikings from many country.. definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Thanks lots. We just finished our 15 days road trip.. fabulous..and leaving tomorrow afternoon for Paris.. look us up in Guesthouse Sunna tonight if you are around.
Just ask for the people at Studio 7.

XMOCHA! said...

tonight, I mean June 30 night. or tomorrow morning July 1st