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Season's Passing

Discarded holiday trees lie scattered about the streets of Reykjavik now that the Season is over. The last fireworks have exploded, Quentin T has gone home, Epiphany has passed, the Thirteen Icelandic Santas have gone one by one back up to their mountain cave, decorations have been taken down and a post-gluttonous sigh can be heard throughout the nation.

Every year it comes to this, and every year its just as sad to see all the bare and awkward Norman Pines flung carelessly out onto our sidewalks. The city collects them for dumping, but every year its as much of a mystery when the trucks will come. In the meantime, the once-glorious evergreens whip about in the winter winds, blocking walkways and roads and even menacing drivers.

While taking this picture a friend of mine who was walking past told me about how once a rogue discarded Christmas tree gale-swept off a sidewalk and smashed in to his car, causing much destruction. When he tried to have his insurance cover the damage they just laughed and shrugged their shoulders. Flying pine trees, it seems, were not part of his coverage package.


JB said...

This is a beautiful post. We were sad indeed to leave our Icelandic tree out by the curb. I propped it against the building standing up, to help it preserve its honor. It was a lovely tree, my first one ever, and really hard to take it out the door. Now it's clustered with 3 or 4 others in a little space on the side of the building, so at least it has some company.

glennis said...

Here in California, our discarded trees look sad as well. Waiting in the alleys, drying and turning brown in our sunny, warm, January winter.