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Trusting Your Love on Ice

A sweet and private moment captured on digital...

The boyfriend in this tourist couple had to seriously encourage, and then coerce, his girl to step out onto the ice. She was not going to do it. I was with her all the way: not having experienced a lot of pond walking growing up in California, I was trepidatious to say the least the first time someone tried to get me out onto the Reykjavik town lake as an adult. Even after being told the lake is only about shin deep, I was's just not a natural thing for a valley/beach girl to do! Once on the ice and firmly attached to her gentleman's arm, though, this young woman seemed to enjoy the adventure.


Cheve said...

I've discovered this blog now and I will come back. So nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great site, nice seeing others also have an interest in our nice little capital.