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Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

Here's a sweet shot of Valentina with her little brother ... he needs a little extra fuel each day bottle-wise, and this time I let her help out.

Got to's calling!


Anonymous said...

Their so cute together! I can't wait to see him in person!

Mo'a said...

Til Hamingju med littla strakin.
They look so bautiful together....he is so lucky to have a big sister.
Gledilega Paska.

Maja said...

Aw that's a gorgeous photo :) Congratulations! Last time I visited, there was the photo of you pregnant and I didn't expect you to give birth so soon after!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Wasn't expecting any news for a little while either, but glad to hear all is well despite his early arrival. Beautiful photo of brother and sister together.

Hel said...

she has her face turned to him excactly at the same angle and distance as a mother would, very beautiful shot

Aldís said...

What a beauty!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hæ! Vá hvað er gaman að sjá ykkur. Lilli er alveg ofboðslega sætur... og þau sæt saman systkinin. Enn og aftur til hamingju öllsömul,
Sé ykkur eftir prófin!
Eva & Freyja.

Anonymous said...

Oh, great photo! It's always so nice to see siblings helping out with the new baby, and the way she is looking at him is just too cute!