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Once again, just a short post...

I encountered this wacky group of young people having a grill party at the base of sculptor Einar Jónsson's Úr Álögum, (anyone want to translate that for brain's on holiday) just the other side of the Reykjavik town lake. Alas, I was late for a very important date and so couldn't stop to find out who these spunky rebels were.

Now, as charming and Sunday-in-the-Park-like as this looks, I'm sure it wasn't legal, so I applaude them for doing it anyway. They were happy and casual and I'm sure they packed their trash, so I hope they got to down some hot dogs before being asked to leave. This town needs more good old-fashioned public outdoorsy stuff like this to make better use of our greenways and bring social life out into the sunshine while we've got it. Croquet, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Looks harmless enough and I agree with you about getting out and about while the sun is shining! Is it probably not legal because they were by the sculpture or because it's on space undesignated for picnics?

JB said...

Hi María,

I'm pretty sure that I walked by that same group of kids. It was on a Tuesday evening and I was on my way to band practice. I was also thinking that it looked like a really good time.

I would translate Úr álögum as "Out from under a spell". It's a lot simpler and nicer in Icelandic.

Hope you are enjoying the long days and your new baby!

Iceland Eyes said...

Thanks for the words, Jared. I know that if we put our collective poetic brains together we could come up with a beautiful, simple translation. Anyone else care to try?

And as far as the picnic being illegal, I'm not totally sure it was. I'm just assuming that open flames (or red hot coals in this case) + public spaces = trouble. Some sense in that, but I'm glas they did it anyway. (Oh and I like the fact that the girl wiffleball player has her heavy winter parka on...puts the photo into context, this being Iceland and all!)

Iceland Eyes said...

Ok, ok, so she's not wearing a "heavy winter parka" but a nice wool coat, but she does have a hat and gloves on!