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They say somewhere around four thousand kiddies took part in last Saturday's Lazy Town marathon, all of 1.5 kilometers around our downtown lake. Along with all those tykes were a slew of mammas and pabbis and ammas and afis, jogging, walking, pushing full or empty strollers, dressed in track suits or leather jackets and heels, laughing with their kids or talking on their cell phones.

I stood mid stream taking pictures and hoping to see my Valentina run by, to no avail. Participants flowed from the starting line endlessly, or so it seemed, and I'm positive that some little ones completed their lap before others had even begun. There were quarter, half and full marathons that day for the longer legged, but this one was a joy to watch on such a beautiful summer afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a marathon! Thanks!

Gigglito said...

Dásamlegar myndir! Rakst inn á síðuna þína í gegnum bloggið hans Gunna Ben.

cK said...

Awesome event! We have a little lake like that here in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year (most are locals who walk there daily, golf on the course that's converted into cross-country ski courses in winter, etc.). Every August, we have a Japanese latern lighting festival for obon. It's a lovely place. Fountains. Trees. Walking paths. A lake with a pavilion for free classical concerts.

But we don't have a kiddie marathon! That's really something this city would adore.

Alexei Martins said...

This blog is awesome!!!!!I love Iceland!!!!i'd love to go to Iceland some time...!!!Yeah!!!!Oh i love björk to ufufufu...


I'm from Brazil

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria. Really enjoyed your blog, fun pictures. Hope you do not mind me placing a link to your page.


Mitch W said...

I was a part of that half marathon, saddly i'm back in canada now.