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It's a little cheap tossing skyline shots from our balcony onto a site dedicated to life in Reykjavik, but yesterday's sunset was a wonder.

We are slipping gently into winter here on the island: most days this last month have tipped to the better side of 10°C. To you readers in southern latitudes that may seem hyper-chilly (that's only 50°F!) but those in northern climes will know that a windless, sunny double-digit day, even the lowest double digit, is cause for joy.

I've been lax about noting celebrity visits to our lava rock, so let it suffice to know that Yoko Ono was here the other day, as well as director Atom Egoyan, Brendan Fraser and Dilana from Rockstar: Supernova performing with our very own Magni. I know I'm forgetting some slebs, but that's going to have to do for now.

A blogger named Antoine sent me a link to his site detailing his trip to Iceland, so check it out. Also, a certain Osman is starting up a kind of blog directory, Whole Blogs, so check that out as well (there are some interesting international sites linked on his site.)

More later...Have a groovy weekend!


b.h. swan said...

Hello. I love your blog. My name is Brady Swan. I am residing in Texas right now but am moving up to Reykjavik in August. I am going to be a volunteer at the Waldorf school. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about what life is like there, or maybe even what the waldorf school is like there in Reykjavik? If you know where it is? Ha. I am so excited about coming to Iceland. I think it is the place for me. Keep posting these beautiful pictures.


Anonymous said...

I came across this nice blog looking for iceland info, and I can tell you its really nice!!
and the photos are overwhelming.
I hope I can visit your your country next summer.I am planning to travel around the island in 8 days.Keep the good work

marine_explorer said...

Beautiful sunset, and I enjoyed reading a positive spin put on 10c.

Temperature aside, I imagine the real challenge is coping to the short days of Winter.

Anonymous said...

hi, I come from Taiwan. I like iceland very much and would like to visit someday.
I saw the scenery of icland by your eyes although I cannot go now, it's really beautiful. :)